Let Your Dreams Take Flight!

Initial consultation
Your remodeling project begins with a meeting to discuss your renovation goals. We’re happy to help you in your home for this initial meeting.

Budget Estimate
Based upon our initial meeting and understanding of the project scope, we’ll put together an estimate for the cost of the project.  

Design development
The next step involves signing a contract to kick off the design development phase. We’ll take detailed measurements of the spaces to be renovated and then get to work. 

Obtain Approvals
Once you’re in love with the design and you’ve signed off on the total project cost, we’ll get started on the paperwork for approval by your County. 

Renovation Time
With approvals and permits in hand, we’re ready to make it happen. At this stage, all design decisions have been made and we’re in execution mode. We’re meticulous with protecting your building and your apartment during the renovation process. 

Project Completion
Our full commitment to excellence in project execution means that we’re only finished when you’re completely satisfied. Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are in love with their space long after we depart from the job site.